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Payment method

Credit Card, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer

Credit Card 

The way most convenient and safe to shop online. We use a credit card to guarantee the security of transactions. 
If you choose to use a credit card payment, the bank will charge 7% commission if you do not agree to pay the 7% management fee, you can choose other payment methods

Western Union (an additional 5% more)

Western Union and moneygram West is the cheapest, because if Western or payment of union MoneyGram is used, we will give 5% discount, and you can send the payment in the West and website moneygram



For example in United Kingdom, if you pay the local office of Western Union, click on this link to see all office locations.





For example, in United Kingdom, if you pay by credit card through Western Union, please click on this link for more information.




Transfer of information and money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):


1: The full name of the sender;


2: The amount and money transfer currency;


3: The city and the country of the sender;


4: Money Transfer Control NO.(MTCN)


Contact us for account information "Western Union" Thank you! (Email: [email protected])




Please contact us for account information "Money Gram" Thank you!(Email:[email protected])

MoneyGram Site Web



Bank Transfer 


It is slower, it takes about 3-5 days of standby time money when the money is sent, and bank transfer are prone to failure if we do not recommend the use of wire transfer.

Please contact us for bank account information

(NOTE: If you use bank transfer, please enter your order number, if there is no padding on the serial number, there is no way to check your order)

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